Metadata Library View issue.

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with fetching process models I published to metadata library. I have made sure the metadata lib server is up & running also tested the connection which is connected successfully. Anyone faced a similar problem? We are trying to centralize our portlet, process models and CAF development so it can be access by other users as well. I’m not able to view the process model in designer when I switch the view to metadata library. Below is the error message i get.

An internal error occurred during: “Fetching children of Portlets”.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

The issue with fetching & publishing process models from metadata library using webMethods Designer has been resolved. I’m now able to publish metadata assets (local process models/task/CAF project) to MDL. The issue was with my local designer files which got corrupted under local workspace.
Here’s the instructions on how to force a recreation of the local metadata store for Eclipse:

  1. Shutdown Designer.
  2. Delete/backup (outside of workspace) activemq and derby directories from “/.metadata/.plugins/”.
  3. Start Designer.
  4. Go to Navigator tab, and close all projects.
  5. Re-open all projects – leaving all default options if applicable – and agree to open dependant projects.
  6. Metadata extraction progress will be shown at the bottom right corner of Designer UI. Make sure extraction is completely finished.
  7. Perform a metadata search. Just go to the “Search” menu item, and perform the default search when the dialog comes up (webMethods tab).