Messages stuck on UM and not receing by IS trigger

Hi Patil,
If you are experiencing stuck triggers, please raise an issue with Global Support so we can track and help resolve the situation.
Thanks, Jane.

Yes, we have opened ticket with support. Waiting for their reply.


We have the exact same issue. Is there any update from SAG?

SAG has a new fix for 10.1 which addresses this issue however we have not yet applied. Still checking what else is there in that fix.


What fix you mean ? for IS ? What number?

I think we have all latest fixes for UM and IS. The problem is reported to support and we work with SAG together to solve the problem but without a success yet.

My feeling is that there are some threading problems (deadlocks or sudden deaths of UM threads) on IS running on Windows Server.
We don’t have similar issues with IS/UM running on Linux VMs. The reason why I think this is the problem are:

  • it only occurs under higher load
  • only reload of package helps
  • restart of UM o suspend/resume of affected trigger does NOT solve the problem.


I am still working with SAG on this. Previous fix didn’t work for us so now they have suggested following fix. Looking at the explanation given by SAG, I still think this won’t help to resolve this message stuck issue on UM.

We generally stop and restart UM services to fix this issue and it works, i never tried refreshing package but will give it a try.

Universal Messaging RealmServer 10.1 SP0 Fix 9 which is released 9/15/2018

The bug id for your reference is below,


A race condition in UM shared durables index management can
lead to the corruption of the index and inability to store
events on the cluster master node.
This issue is now resolved.