Messages queue browsing - Broker migration


We are working on the migration from WM Broker to Universal Messaging, our version is 9.8
At the moment we are trying to keep our applications mods at a minimum so we run the migration utility within our existing packages.
Our question: is there a way to browse the document queue as we were used to do with the MWS (with the Broker Client Details Page/Browse Queue) ? This is useful for example when a trigger is suspended or an IS is not running eg for maintence reason

Thanks in advance!

You will need to be using UM 9.12 or higher to be able to easily see the number of messages waiting for pickup by a trigger, and 10.1 or higher to be able to browse and manipulate messages in the trigger queues.
These capabilities are not available in UM 9.8.

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your quick help!
Unfortunately at the moment we are using this Broker feature, although not very often, alternatively would it be possible to get rid of/discard a specific document within a queue (the first one since we use mainly sequential triggers) ?
Thank you again!

In UM 10.1 you can discard specific messages from the queue, including the first message. This capability is not available in UM 9.x.