Message transformation: Mediator vs IBM Message Broker - which one to use in what situation?


I wish you can share your experience about it with me. I was asked to conduct a quick research. The topic is about the message transformation. I need to compare the message transformation (either XSLT or ESB is fine) between webMethods Mediator/IS and IBM Websphere Message Broker. I need to give recommendation of which product to use in what scenarios.

I read the product features. I realized that both products offer the same/similar functionalities (e.g. message routing, transformation, service proxy, service virtualization). My thinking is that IBM Message Broker is popular in the EAI space while Mediator/IS tends to focus on SOA/WS.

As both products can handle message transformation by XSLT or ESB, my position is that for EAI projects (involving pub-sub), use IBM Message Broker. Use Mediator/IS to handle transformation for SOA projects or web service calls.

What is your take?

Terry Yu


I just think that you are not comparing the correct products.

The MessageBroker would be equivalent to IS (ESB) as a whole not just the mediator.

The Mediator is an SOA PEP so you should be comparing it with websphere datapower xi52.


Perhaps you are correct. What I meant was that when configuring the virtual service, a pre-request processing step allows me to add an XSLT file there for transformation. The virutal service might eventually be deployed to Mediator but I guess the actual transformation will happen in the IS.