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I have a basic question.Request all to share the thought and clear my doubt.
1.What exactly is the Broker? What is its job and how does it do in webMethods? Since I have not used ES I dont know much about this.
2.How is webmthods broker different from IBM MQ series broker?

  1. Perhaps this link will help:


  1. Conceptually they are the same thing. They support the publish/subscribe concept of data communication.

Thanks Rob for very informative link. Now how will be this Brokering and Message Queuing facilities in webMethods 6.0? In 4.6 IS and ES were different. I remember reading a detailed article in this forum about WM6.0 but unable to find it out now.
When compared with MQ series how do you feel about WM message queuing and brokering capabilities

This is an oversimplification, but IS and ES are still different and separate. In 6.0 they are more seamlessly tied together. For example, doc definitions in one environment are automatically replicated to the other. IS is a “full” broker client (no more B-E bridge/package). The ES adapters are being moved to the IS environment.

If you’re looking for reasons to pick WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries) instead of or in addition to wM ES, the primary reason I’ve seen companies use is that they’ve selected MQ as company-wide communication standard or it was already in place. wM has an MQ adapter. Unless there is a specific need/reason, you can work just fine with wM only.

Has anyone had to distribute IS to application hosts within a 6.0 environment. The 4.6 IS adapter architecture did not require you to distribute IS. Has the IS adapter model changed as ES adapters have been moved to the IS environment?

Dear Rob,

Thanks for the reply. Now forgive me if my question is very basic. I have worked with IS4.6 and have no idea about ES.What is the way in which the Broker identifies a particular type of message? Like example when I have around 100 partners each one sending XML data files like invoice, PO etc in the form of mail attachment how does IS6.0 (or ES) identify where to send the message?

By the way where can I find a detailed article about WM6.0 explaining overall structure, improvements etc.?

Thanks again

The broker maintains document types, which are not to be confused with Trading Networks document types. A document type in ES defines the fields and structure of a document. As I understand it, IS and ES are able to exchange type definitions under the covers (record types in IS automatically propagated as doc types in ES).

I’m not sure what sort of information has been officially released. Mark C–can you chime in here?