Merging two replies into one

hi guys,

i’ve been trying to merge 2 reply document to a single document having the same document types and structure and i keep getting this error:

Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type <reply_docname> errors: INVALID

therefore not being to publish this reply document…

how can i solve this? what i do wrong because i already keep checking and testing it using separate reply and it works…

your response is highly appreciated… Thanks in advance!

Did you made the DocumentType as Publishable DocumentType before publishing it to broker?or else make sure in the pub.publish:publish serviceinputs for documentTypeName(fullyqualified document name) and document(document structure) are correct.


If the document is publishable - try to sync reply document again.

yes good catch…Sync the reply document as krishna mentioned.
This option will be in the developer tool under File menu (Sync Document Types).

the documents are already in sync and all are already publishable but still it does not seem to work… i am rather new to wM so i may need all the help … thanks!