Measuring no of records handled

Hi all,

Need to know the count of maximum records the interface picks up on each run. Start of this interface is through JDBC polling notification. Kindly help on getting the count.

What is your jdbc notification interval set to? Also can you monitor the buffer table that it creates in the database side so you will get an idea how much IS notification consumes when the event happens.

Do you have any max number from your interface owner the data load expected in real time?

I believe it’s hard to say how many records it will can pick up for each thread/run but in fraction of seconds the data get’s cleared the notification runs per the interval set.


Monitor Interval is set to 60 sec.

Customer wants to process about 7 million records as part of load testing, we need to know how much this interface can handle.

OK that’s a huge number…

What settings for trigger you have this currently serially or concurrent? How far load you have tested in your environment?

Can’t a batch processing be used for handling this kind of load?

Also for the exact ball park regarding no of rows it will process please get it touch with SAG support to get an idea if the notification handles this kind of volumes or not.


I suggest Batch operation is suitable for this task, think of it if it suits to your business use case.


For the Batch operation service to retrieve the records from a Salesforce object, where do i pass the select query ? The inputs to the service are content, filepath and encoding. Do i pass it as content ?