maxoccurs value for documentlist not editable!!


How to change the min occurs and maxoccurs for a document list within a document.
I created an xsd where I declared complex element with maxoccurs as 50.
I created an IS document using this schema.
Later I used this document as input structure for a flow service.
I converted this flow service as a webservice.
The WSDL of the webservice shows the maxoccurs value of this document list (complex element) as unbounded instead of 50.
I am not able to change the enumerations of a document list in wM developer.
Please help.


Hi Ravi,
There is no option in the List to display some numbers say 10 or 20. Either it will be document, or list with repeat as Unbounded. You would need to validate the content against the schema. That’s when you will see an error what you expect.