Maximum SORTSIZE on mainframe

We currently have a DDSORTR! and DDSORTR2 each of 3000 cylinders and want to increase it threefold. That means we will go across 6 volumes of 3390. The manuals all say :-

Performance can be improved when sorting large files if the sort dataset either occupies two volumes,
or if two sort datasets are specified. Both datasets must be on the same device type (SORTDEV
parameter), and each must be exactly half the size specified by the SORTSIZE parameter.

But nowhere does it say whether you can go across more than two volumes. surely this should be OK though?

You can span volumes. I have a few SORT datasets for different environments. The largest is over 15,000 cylinders for both SORTR1 and SORTR2. We have a 30,000 cylinder TEMP dataset as well.