Math: Finding Square Root

Hello everyone.

Well, this is something that I haven’t had to do before. I searched through all the forums here for the word “square root”. Didn’t find anything. Also searched WM Advantage: nothing as well.

Has anyone in here had to do a math formula to figure out the square root for a number? For example, I was told (because I stink at Math) that the square root of 144 is 12 but that was done in MS Excel. I have no clue how to make that happen in webMethods.

I don’t see a service for this at all. Any tricks to making this happen? Is this going to require Java? If so, can anyone share their code?

I really appreciate your help. This was the last hurdle I had in trying to complete this code no later than Friday.

Create a Java service. Within, use java.lang.Math.sqrt to do the work (or another suitable class that you might add to your IS environment). Be careful about accuracy of the double data type. Floating point arithmetic can be inaccurate (there are other posts about this).