Matcher Implementation Issue

Hello Admin/OneData Users,

I have started exploring oneData 9.7 and went through documents my oneData server running now and connected to IS wM 9.7 and have all required setup.

Here is all configuration and steps perform by me :-

  • I have define two objects stage and Gold, even had created two tables aline to these objects with required fields as mention to perform matcher and cleasing service in oneData consolidation MDM guide for oneData.pdf
  • Created Matcher Object/Table and required Inbound/Outbounds fields and same way for Clensing object/table
  • Have perform Project mapping as well

So, While performing cleasing(inputs passing) from oneData UI to wM IS service it’s working Fine BUT …

Issue Is while doing matcher from oneData UI(inputs pass) with all required inputs for fields and even configured IS service so that whenever you pass data from oneDataUI it’s should invoke wM IS service ie pub.onedata.samples.Consolidation:singleMatcherOnRules to do matcher

BUT my IS service is not getting trigger OR we are not able to view any data pass from oneData UI to wM designer service.

Can some one guide me by providing required configuration steps to be verifed and look into Issue?
Where Can I see logs to view that why my IS service is not getting triggered and details logs while data pass from UI to service?

Waiting for your response

Dear Admin,

Can you pls provide suggestion to rectify this Issue?
let me know you need more information?

do you still need help with this?

No Thanks

Issue has been resolved, we have build WM service code to trigger service