Mastering Secure and Efficient File Management with MFT: Real-World Use Cases - Recording



About the video

View the recording of the latest virtual event from the webMethods User Group North America where we delved deeper into MFT, a robust solution designed to facilitate guaranteed delivery, complete transaction visibility, secure and reliable file exchange for businesses with partners, vendors, and customers.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the topics we explored in this session:

  1. Listeners: Clients can establish connections with MFT through configured listeners, enabling seamless file transfers and the execution of various commands, including directory listing retrieval.
  2. Virtual Folders: Create a Virtual File System (VFS) to offer an abstract representation of resources on your remote server, simplifying resource management.
  3. Actions (Post-processing, Scheduled): Define actions and trigger them to empower the server to perform specific tasks or sets of tasks according to your configurations.
  4. Users and Templates: Tailor user profiles by configuring restrictions, either using predefined settings or customizing templates to suit your needs.
  5. Logs: Gain insights by viewing file transactions and action execution details, especially for post-processing and scheduled actions.
  6. UI Permissions: Provide restricted access with granular permissions to specific MFT screens, ensuring appropriate user privileges.
  7. Asset Movement: Seamlessly import and export assets in zip files within the cloud environment, enhancing flexibility and resource management.
  8. White labeling: change MFT client look & feel to reflect your brand identity
  9. Throttling : Capability to manage the rate of file transfers
  10. Hammering: Automatically block hammering (when client exceeds expected usage patterns) based on configurations
  11. Other Settings: Explore additional settings and configurations
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