Mapping Tables


Can anyone help with this?

Could you point me in the direction/ functions I need to explore for mapping tables.

Simple example:

System A has:
• Email
• firstName
• Direct Input

System B has:
• Email Address
• First_Name
• Manual

So the mapping will be:
• Email → Email Address
• firstName → First_Name
• Direct Input → Manual

I’ve created a database table:
Key, Value
Email, Email Address
firstName, First_Name
Direct Input, Manual

What function in webMethods can I use to lookup this data? I tried pub.string.lookupTable but it seems this is expecting me to pass a string table in (rather
than lookup from a database table.

I was thinking of using a database table as some of my mapping tables will be large and database give options on how I manage that data, but what other methods should I be considering in webMethods?



Hi Jamie,

is this correlation quite static or is it expected to change frequently?

When it is quite static just take the time to implement the mapping in a MAP step in a Flow service.

When it is expected to change frequently you might want to consider to implement it as a XSLT transformation with an external xslt transformation file. In this case you will only have to adjust the xslt file then.

Or you can check if using XQL Queries here while querying for the source field and returning the value in the result field might be helpful.
See IS Built-In-Services Reference for pub.xml-Services and WmXSLT services for further informations.


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Thanks for the response, I expect it to change a bit so the xslt option and xql options seem best at the minute. I will explore these and see if they work.

PS. have you got a link to the xslt documentation? can’t seem to find it.



Hi Jamie,

XSLT ist documented in the IS Built-In-Services Reference.