Manipulating StringList plzz HELP !

Hello WmPeople !
I have a stringlist as an output from a service.
And lets assume the list has


i want to get rid of SUV in the string list.
Ive gown dferent roads to get this issue solved…but my logic keeps failing.
Someone please help
Scooby !

Check for that particular item when you are adding it to the string list and drop it.

Its a builtin service that generates the stringlist.
I cannot just drop it !
Any other suggestions wmpeople?

I need to go through that string list , remove the unwanted string and put all the strings back into a new string list!

Can you loop through stringList, branch and appendToStringList (newStringList) if %stringList% != ‘SUV’?

create a java service

Yes of course, you can loop through the string list, branch , and then build a new string list without the unwanted ones.

All lists can be looped !!!

ok so u getting a string list as output from a service.u loop over the string list and check for the item u want to delete u can do string comparison .
and in every iteration add the element to new string list if its not the value u want to delete.and if u find the value u want u to delete then do nothing continue looping(dont add to new string list).
hope this helps.

You guys rock !
I got it baby !
Yes I got it…my brains just needed a jump!
Scoooooooobydoo !

I did it exactly what u said srikanth05!
thanks amigo !
Gracias !
thanks everyone!
ya’ll are life savers!

can you tell us how you solved it

i looped over the car types,
branch over the expressions in sequences
and if the stringlist equals SUV do nothing
and if its not simply appendtostringlist
before that i was simple mapping…yes i know its stupid…i was smokin something !
but thanks ya’ll !