Manager Questions

I want to know whether is it possible to monitor Adapter Notifications in Manager v6.1.5.

Also how can i monitor connection between Integration Server and Broker Server in Manager v6.1.5.

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Hi Ramnish,

did not get your question here very well. What you really want to do is, to send an alert when the adapter goes down or a broker goes down?

Based on your previous posts, you use EnterpriseDCA and not OMI DCA. Am I right?

Hi chirag,
See we can configure any Adapter Notifications say for e.g. JDBC Insert Notification. So i want to know how can i monitor it using Manager. I am using JDBC Adapter v6.0.3 on IS v6.1. I may like to know how it is done using both DCA’s.

Now we normally configure a Broker on IS admin page to associate an IS with a particular Broker Server. So there has to be connections between the 2 which are used for fetching documents from the Broker Server by the IS. So i want to know how can i monitor this Connection by using Manager.

I hope now i am clear enough.
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The connection to Broker from IS should appear under the broker clients in Enterprise DCA, if you are using OMI, select the client by using Manager Server->Broker Servers->Brokers->Select your broker -> Select the client that you need to manage as custom adapter, manager custom Adapter…

OMI can help you see the Adapters (ART), as such.

Hey Chirag,
Thanx a lot for your explanations. Thanx for telling how to monitor the connection by using both DCA’s.

But what about Adapter Notifications?? Is there a way out for this too??

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Well, I haven’t figured that out yet. That’s probably because I don’t have any integrations on WM6 yet.

Notifications normally lead to a trigger, So a part of it can be monitored by looking at The client it would create at the broker.