Making Async Service call Synchronous using Publishwait

Hi All,
Here is the details of a situation seems intresting to me in webmethods.
We have a webservice calling three another flow services A, B, C in different domain in sequence. As per our design, we can only send the response back to the caller of the webservice after getting the result from all the three services (A, B, C). But the call made to the flow service B just returns the acknowledgement and not the actual result.
Also service B publishes the result at later point of time i.e say after 20 seconds.
So we are unable to send the complete response to the webservice call.
I tried testing using publish&wait/publish&Deliver using modeler but so far not satisfied with the result.


Have you read about pub.sync.notify and pub.sync.wait in the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference? There is a good sample in WmSamples that shows how to use these services.

OK, so Flow Service B (FSB) is asynchronous. You invoke it, it returns and acknowledgement and then proceeds to complete its work. That’s fine so far. How does FSB make its results available to consumers who invoke it?

Is there another service that retrieves the results of FSB? (e.g. getFSBResults). If so, just invoke it after some built-in delay or inside a REPEAT loop.


Hi Mark,
The FSB gets the result by a published document i.e the domain which execute the service B publishes the result and we need to capture that result somehow.
I am just trying out pub.sync.wait & pub.sync.notify which has been mentioned by Chris. So far its working fine.
Thank you both for the input.