Maintaining broker client connection pool from webLogic

I have an EJB publishing an event to broker, it expected to be a high volume trans
of events to broker.

Does it require maintaining broker client connection pool from webLogic?

Does one Broker client maintain the state and accomodate to the volume?

As per architecute, there will be pool of Java beans maintained by J2ee

Each instance of MDB will be posting an event to the broker?

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

Why not just post the JMS message directly to a BrokerJMS queue or topic? Then you could just use WL’s existing JMS connection pooling.



In our case the JMS option was ruled out.

From MDB we want to post the message to Broker…

When MDB is instantiated the broker client object will also be instantiated.

Our question is whether one broker client instantiated will suffice or not?

Please reply.

FYI - MDB will call a class the broker client is instantiated.


As you mention, you’ll have a pool of MDBs that will be publishing to the Broker. You effectively already have a connection pool. As long as you have logic in the bean to connect to the Broker (either at start-up or on first activity) and to reconnect automatically if the connection is dropped, using your pool of MDBs to control how many connections to the Broker you have should work just fine. Each bean should use the same connection parameters when connecting the Broker.