Maintaining alarm name after alarm clear

is there a way to maintain original alarm name after its clear instead of becoming “Geofence alarm cleared”?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by alarm name. Usually clearing an alarm will only affect its status. There is no need to update any other properties like type or text at the same time. You can refer to the API documentation here: Cumulocity IoT - OpenAPI Specification

I mean when you create a geofence smart rule, after selecting the values (on entering or on leaving/ alarm type etc…) it is required to fill an input called Text - For example: ‘Productive zone Geofence in’
when an this geofence creates an alarm, the Title of the alarm showing in alarm list is Productive zone Geofence in’ in our example. And when the opposite event (‘Productive zone Geofence out" in our example) the alarm of "Productive zone Geofence in’" is updated from active to cleared and also the Title of the alarm becomes “Geofence alarm cleared” instead of “Productive zone Geofence in’”

my request is to have a way to keep the title as it is “Productive zone Geofence in’” even after this alarm clear, is it possible?