Maintain HTTP Session when calling soap service on IS

Dear Team,
I have a problem when calling a webservice on IS.
This service have a login method and other methods, before calling other methods, we need to call login method to log in.
In java, I just need do like this:

  1. Create binding
  2. Set binding.setMaintainSession(true)
  3. Use this binding to call the login method
  4. Use this binding to call other method.

I don’t know how to do it on IS, I tried to create a consumer, create a flow to call one by one service (login + other), but it’s failed (Login is passed, but next method will receive result as not_logined).

So any one can share how to make it run ?
Thanks for your time!

Dear all,
Any one can help ? :cry:

Can you please elaborate a more on what is the use case and what you are trying to implement?

I could get from the content like you want to pass HTTP session information from one service to another is that correct?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Yep, something like that. Do you have any idea for it ?

If you are working with webMethods flow service then there will be property called stateless you need to set it as “false”

Also make sure all the child services which are being called should have this property set as false.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Ahmed,
Thanks for your response. But I have checked code, it had already set like that, but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Please confirm what protocol you are using? Also please verify if you are mapping session information to the next call.

If possible please share the code outline with the service properties detail?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Ahmed,
I attach screens.
I call webservice via http protocol.

Please confirm if my understanding about the code is correct?

You are having three different services

  1. one service to login
  2. To get OTP
  3. To logout

May i know the reason for having these three services as separate services?

Every webservice connector call will be a separate and new http request.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Yes, It has three steps like that.
About the reason, that is design of partner, they provide service like that. I can’t change it, so must try to consume it.

Dear all and Ahmed,
I found out the solution, you can see in the attachment.
Thanks for your help :wink:

Thanks for the sharing, this could help.

Congrats and thanks for sharing the resolution :slight_smile: