LotusNotes JDBC

Hi all,
I had a problem while configuring the JDBC adapter for Lotus notes r5. here are the details:
fi IS 6.x , JDBC adapter.
NCSO.jar,notes.jar,NCSOW.jar files in IS jar directory.
parameters are
packagename, Folder,
Transaction Type NO_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class lotus.domino.NotesFactory
serverName xxx
user abc
databaseName names.nsf
networkProtocol TCP
etc …and rest parameters are default.
At first it given the error Class not found , now it only gives the error that cannot configure the adapter , lotus.domino.notesfactory,

Can any one through any light on this, that will be great help,
Thanks in advance

I’ve seen several threads on this topic. Have you gotten this to work? I’m thinking that the jars in the classpath and the driver is the only pieces necessary. Sound right?


Hello all ,

My requirment is to Integrate Lotus Domino server database using JDBC adapter Connectivity . Its a small Budjet project hence buying Notes adapter is not preferred

I have managed the files NCSO.jar, NCSOW.jar files but i could not find ,
DataSource Class lotus.domino.NotesFactory in those jars . I am still looking for Notes.jar file . Can anyone help me where i can find this jar .

please advise if some one knows/implemented lotus notes connectivity via JDBC

Many thanks

Can anybody send me the below jars files?

a) NCSO.jar,
b) notes.jar and
c) NCSOW.jar files.

Thanks in advance.