Lotus Notes Connectivity Using JDBC

I am currently analyzing the different possibilities to integrate w/ Lotus Notes. I am particulary interested in using the JDBC driver. I wanted to get the feedback from some of the users who have implemented this architecture. What, if any, are the drawbacks to using the JDBC adapter? What driver would be used for wM running on Solaris and Lotus Notes running on Unix? On the IBM website, I see drivers for only Windows environments. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Beck

Hi Jeff,

Are you referring to the LDDJ JDBC driver here…or something else…I am also looking
if the JDBC Driver (LDDJ) is a feasible one with wM JDBC Adapter.


I had worked on this on Broker5.0.1 JDBC adapter, using IBM domino driver, it worked but the problem with it is we can retrive the data but cannot do any notification on the database, and Iam sure that we can make use of it with IS6.0.1 JDBC adapter as well.

have you guys made any progress on this, please let me know.

Can you provide some further info on the connection you used for Lotus Notes? What JDBC driver did you use and what did your JDBC adapter look like? Thank you…