Lost Session Attributes

Hello guys:

I’ve a portlet which is called with parameters, this porlet set some attributes for the session:

javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request = (javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest)com.webmethods.portal.framework.impl.PortalServlet.getCurrentRequest();

HttpSession reqsession = request.getSession(true);
reqsession.setAttribute(“someAttribute”, attribValue);

Later in this same porlet I make a redirect to another porlet where I get this attribute normally:

myValue = (String) reqsession.getAttribute(“someAttribute”);

But when I choose another portlet from the left navigation panel the attribute seems to be lost because when I use getAttribute it return null.

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I know you are trying to ensure that you’re accessing a shared session object, but i wonder if you might be accessing a session object that is isolated for each Portlet Application?

One way to check would be to attach to your app with a debugger and see if the Session instance is the same in each portlet application.


Seems to be that situation, the session is isolated from the other portlet application, but it should not, Am I right?, I need to work with a shared session, I wonder if the approach I’m using it’s correct…


HttpSession reqsession = PortalServlet.getCurrentRequest().getSession(true);


Return the same Id from both portlets.

I resolved using:

context = ContextFactory.acquireContext(false);

context.setAttribute(“userID”, vuserID, IContext.SCOPE_SESSION);
context.getAttribute(“userID”, IContext.SCOPE_SESSION);


If MWS is in clustered mode, how this session value works?

By now we’re not working in clustered mode.


Sessions (and their attributes) are not replicated across a cluster.