Lost all the scheduler services

Have anyone experienced the problem of loosing all the scheduler services? This happened after the database went down for couple of hours. I had to recreate all the scheduler services again. Is there any work around to get these scheduler services back up and running after we loose them.


Hi Pauly-

I don’t know if you remember be, but you did a job for us a couple of years ago in Indianapolis. I have seen you post a few times on wMUsers.

Anyway, the scheduler stores its stuff in a file called jobs.cnf in the IS root. It should have nothing to do with the database. You should back up all of the .cnf files in the IS root. If you have, perhaps you can restore it.

I do remember you, Roger. Thanks for your prompt response.



If you are using clustering scheduled tasks can be stored in the database as well, if those two criteria are met:

  1. The external repository is configured to write to a database
  2. The scheduled task is configured to run in the cluster (as opposed to the local IS)

In that case the scheduled task is stored in the repository that is shared by all servers in the cluster and the repository in turn stored it in de database.



which clustering are you referring to? I don’t know any way to store the jobs.cnf content to a database. How do you achieve that?

In webMethods 6.0.1 the jobs.cnf file is located at ‘<webthods6_install_dir>\IntegrationServer\config\jobs.cnf’