Loss of communication between Node-Red and Cumolocity IoT after redeploying flow

Hi everyone!

I currently use Cumolocity IoT (Free Trial) and Node-Red v3.1.0 and I need to communicate my field equipment through node-red and send the information to Cumolocity IoT.

I have reviewed information about sending data via MQTT to Cumolocity IoT and at first I can create devices and even send data to them through Node-Red.

The problem occurs when I make some modification to any other node that has nothing to do with the communication nodes and then when redeploying all the flows in Node RED, the MQTT OUT node goes from “Connected” to “Connecting”.

I have tried to use the “Clean Session” option and “QoS=0” considering that there is a problem when disconnecting and connecting again with the credentials, however the problem continues.

Configuration of node FUNCTION in Node Red:

msg.payload = “200,distance,meters,20,m”;
return msg;

Configuration of node MQTT Out in Node Red:


  • Credentials of User
    The user used in this case has all the roles and privileges of Cumolocity IOT

I thank everyone for their support and I hope you can give me some idea of what is happening.

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