I have a map which displays a list in segments of 10, then a second map for details of the record selected. If I don’t select any record it loops until i terminate with PF3. if i do it inputs the 2nd map and returns to the position of the record selected in map1.
i have the if #cnt = 10 inside the read loop and if #cnt > 0 outside. with all the validations functioning.
If I select a record in the list #cnt > 0 it just doesnt loop around it displays the list,but can escape with pf3. upon selecting record other than the first it places the record selected as the first. help

you need to post your program (perhaps as a text attachment). It will help if you can reproduce your problem either without database access or using the demo files (e.g. employees, vehicles) so others can run your program.

There is likely a logic error. It isn’t clear from your description what the code is doing, so posting actual code will help us look at the problem.

Thanks Douglas, I figured it out. I had thought escape top works like escape bottom in the sense that escape bottom(r1.) = escape top (r1.). But then found out that it escapes to the top of the current loop, either be a repeat or read there is no need to specify. Thank you, now back to my report

Hi WaKhie,

I`m also very glad for you solving that puzzle. Next time just remember, please, that it would have been very unNatural" if “top” were = to “bottom” :slight_smile: