Looking for a sample invocation of task API from .net framework.

Hi all, I am looking for a code sample or better documentation for invoking task API with our .net application… I would really appreciate if anybody can point me in the right direction…

I am facing issues with accessing the API to use various operations…I didn’t find a proper documentation anywhere on sending authentication credentials to the API…I have already gone thru the TASK API pdf files that comes with the installation in the webmethods/document folder. But I didn’t find any useful information on how to send client credentials for the TAsk API.

Please help me,
Thanks in Advance

I resolved this issue by using a serviceReference from within dotNet application:

I modified client config bindings as below:


			  <security mode="TransportCredentialOnly">

                    <transport clientCredentialType="Basic"/>


Now I am able to connect to MWS from my interface and I see that I can delete tasks as an admin.

I am still having issues when I use getTask() to get task info for a particular user…Task object is simply null

Did any one face this issue before?

I got this working…we need to use Add Web Reference instead of Add Service Reference