long delay between steps

Hi All again ;o)

my next problem is relevent also to my previous question: [URL=“wmusers.com”]wmusers.com

After we try to process some test amount of data, there are sometimes very big delays between steps.

For example, one model prepares the document entity for target systems. The first step S1 receives data from DB, second step S2 determines subsribers (e.g. to witch systems send the data) and next step S3 creates diffrenet documents for each systems, which are processed in next models.

We fired about 10 000 requests and in some cases (mostly at the end) we get following, for example: step S1 is called in time 14:00 and next step S2 is called after 3 hours!!! And delay between S2 and S3 is also couple of hours!!!

We have set ‘CONCURRENT’ processing on all triggers. So the bahavior of WM is, that WM starts about 30 steps S1, then next 30 S1 steps, then try to process S2 steps, next S2 steps, S3,…

So it looks like that some steps (for example S1) are completed, but ‘forgotten somewhere in the dark forest of wm ;o)’ and after couple of hours are then processed the S2 steps!!!

The only solution what I see, and I hope, You will show me another ways, is to play with synchronous/concurent settings of triggers. Set the synchronous processing of all steps, this should guarantee the order and I hope no more delays will occur. Is this right???

Is there any other possibilities??? How do you solve this???

Many thanks for your answers!!!