Logging to file

Hello Friends,

I am relatively new to the webMethods environment.

I want to implement Logging to the

  1. database AND
  2. File system.

The requirement is a typical requirement.

My quetions here are :

  1. Can I use the inbuilt logging facility to do looging ,both to the database as well as to the file system?
    In other words , if the watt.server.auditStore paramater is set to local in the server.cnf file , will I be able to do the Database logging and vice versia.

  2. If I can use the inbuilt logging facility to log to the file, how do I log project specific parameters to the log file (for e.g. how do i log the user_id to the errorxxx.log and auaditxxx.log file).Will I have to write a separate Java Service or something?

Would appreciate all help (any urllinks /docs /examples are also welcome).

Thanks in advance,


Milan Doshi