Logging Information Documents Published in wM 61

I am new to wM 6.x. In previous wM releases on ES, there was a document Adpater::processLog that was published for the various integration components that were performing “logging”. This document was consumed by the Logger adapter and the information inserted into the Logging database.

In wM 6.x, what document(s) get published (if any) to facilitate process logging, etc.? It does not appear the logging information is published to the broker any longer in wM 6.x.

Thanks in advance for any information that may be provided.

You need to configure/enable the Broker logging settings in 6.x located in the ISAdminConsole Management section Packages/WmLogUtil click on the Home button.It opens configuration webpage window.

You can also check WmLogUtil this in Developer tool.(make sure this pakage is enabled).


Thank you for the reply RMG.

I must be missing something. I was hoping to discover some document types that are published as part of the logging process (e.g. analagous to the publication of Adapter::processLog in previous releases). The WmLogUtil package does not contain any document types.

Are there any document types associated with the Logging Utility in wM 6.1?