Logger Adapter Configuration Problem


Our Environment like follows

Installed Enterprise Server 5.0.1
Installed Enterprise Adapters 4.1.1
Installed Enterprise Integrator Adapters 411

I am trying to configure the logger adapter using Adapter Configuration Tool. In the Adapter Configuration Tool, 

Adapter → new ->Adapter type(dropdown list box), not shown the Logger Adapter Entry.

I saw in the wment41/lib/loggeradapter46.jar.

I verify in the Adapter Configuration Tool,
File → Show Installed Adapters,

It shows an error msg for logger adapter

MSG : “Introspection failed: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/wm/adapter/intdevkit/adaptermain”

I didn’t find the above class in the wment41 folder.

How to slove this above problem.

Please help me,


This might help you.
Look in the wment41\etc\adapters folder for a file called logger_adapter46.cfg.
It should contain a line like this:
beans_adapter COM.wm.adapter.Logger.LoggerAdapter CLASSPATH=lib/loggeradapter46.jar

If it doesn’t, stop all adapters and the adapter monitor process. Edit that .cfg file with the above line, save it and restart the services.

HTH, Tom