Hi Experts,
I have one publishable Doc and two Processes that subscribe to this Document. In the Process A I have a service that logs Information with “logActivityMessages” but I see the Activity Messages in both Process-Instances.
My question: Is that correct?
Is the Activity Message store to the Document or to the process-instance.

Thanks for help


If i understood your post correctly,
Put some Filter in the Trigger for Processes A & B.So when publishing the documnent specify the fields that are used in the filter (something like unique docId or processID…)other wise the 2 subscribing services will trigger and grab the published doc data.


thanks for your reply.
It works corrects that the 2 processes are triggerd by the one document.
But I do not want to see the Activity Messages from the process-instance of processmodel A also in process-instace of process-model B.
The 2 processes shoulg get the same published data, that is correct, but should store the log-messages separately.

I have still the problem, that logActivityMessages logs Information NOT only to the process-instance where it is called but also to a different process-instance.

I have a Service X that publishes two documents A and B that are from different DocumentTypes.
So two different processes start (different process-Models)
In the a service in “process-instance 1” I call logActivityMessage.
I can see the ActivityMessages in process-instance 1 and process-instance 2 from the different Modell.

What can I do ?



What version of IS are you using?