log4j NTEventLogAppender for windows event logging

Hi Guys,

I am migrating one logging solution from 6.5 implemented on log4j using NTEventLogAppender to write logs to windows event log, in the older enviroment 6.5 this functionality works well as its 32 bit systems but the new target systems are 64 bit, hence tried to use log4j-1.2.16 which provides .dll file for windows 64 bit. Code is getting complied well, placed both jar file and .dll into packages\logsolutionDir\code\jars and windows\system32 respectively… but while executing the service the java service is failing with error “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class *****.Log”

Checked out on apache forum as well… but looks like not much helpful information in terms of 64 bit implementation… so was wondering if anybody can help me here … please share your ideas.


I guess WM is only loading jars from: packagename\code\jars\static, if you haven’t try it, copy the jar under static, check about page see if it’s loaded after restarting.

Yes, PackageName\Code\Jars\Static should resolve the problem otherwise, you can try placing the jars in IntegrationServer/lib/jars location. Although this might solve your problem but it is not a recommended solution by SAG.

thanks guys, i got it resolved.