Log file information on Natural


I am new to Natural.
Just wanted to know if there is a log maintained when we login to natural and do different operations.

In similar way in which log is maintained in normal Mainframe terminal in a dataset beginning with our racf ID and we can view. This gives us the total information what all activities we did when our session was active

If yes there is a log file maintained in natural then where can I find it or what is the file name

If you have Natural Security, there is an option to log logon activity. See the Natural Security menu and documentation.

If you want to track all activity (programs called, database calls, etc), there are packages such as Review that can assist with such monitoring.

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for your reply!!!

I will check and let you know.

I am working on an application which is already built in Natural. I only do the maintainance activites for it. So I do not have much scope to enhance my programming skills in Natural. But I would love to learn Natural and want to explore more in Natural

Appreciate if you could guide me in this.

Looking forward for your help :slight_smile:

Thank you

Chances are, Smruti, you won’t have access to turn this on or review logs unless you happen to be a Natural Security administrator. Please check with your shop’s security admin to see what can be done that meets your needs.

Natural has the ability to log everything it does, but the processing overhead involved deters its use. I wouldn’t recommend that you try Remote Data Collector (SYSRDC) until you have more Natural experience. Of course by then, you won’t need SYSRDC.

Thank you all for your comments

I checked and I do not have the access for the same :frowning:

Thanks again for all your help