Lock/Unlock Java Service

strangly, while i am trying to lock a java service in a folder(in 6.5), all other java services are automatically getting locked. if i unlock any locked java service, then all other java services are automatically unlocked in that folder. why this is happening ?

Thats the way it works i think as in wM all the Java services that we create in Developer will get as methods into one class by the name of the folder in the back ground. Thats why if you look at the imports also, they will be common for all the services.

To clarify, though Suren touched on it, it locks all the Java services within the same folder.

Developer creates a common class for all java service presented in one Folder, Due to this when you lock/unlock one java servcie every other java service behave in same manners.

More over we have shared code in java service, which is common for all the java services in one folder. So if we make change in shared code of one service it will be changed for all the services. To prevent any error all java services present in one folder get locked/unlocked.

Hope it will clarify your doubt.