Location of Trading Networks DB

Hi All,

My question revolves around where to place the TN database. There are 2 options: install locally on same server, or install on a separate server. The deciding factors that I am aware of are around performance and scalability.

We are also thinking of splitting it one step further and having IS,TN & TN PRT on seperate boxes.
We are heading towards setting up TN on a seperate box, however just like to hear anyones experiences regarding this.
We will be using 6.5 across all components

Any feedback is appreciated

It is good practice to install TN database on a separate server which is monitored by the DBA which will perform DBA backup, etc.

IS/TN binaries on a single box (use a load-balancing cluster in production), TN DB on DB server box and PRT DB in another DB instance is a good way to go.

Do you have any firewall between TN IS and DB Server??? Useually TN is in DMZ area. If you are sharing your DB Server with other ISes Core Audit and PRT Database it will be in your internal network.

Anyways its good idea to keep TNIS and DB on seperate box… addtion to it try to keep them on same side of firewall :)…