local publish not executing the trigger


We have a service in which we publishes the document locally. That document is supposed to execute the trigger and then the flow service.

But when we publish the document, no trigger is being executed.

Now, we could not able to find where is the issue due to which document is not able to call the trigger.
we restarted the server and that time the issue resolved but after some time the issue comes up again.

As of now, this is creating the problem in QA environment and working fine in Production. Please help us in finding the root cause of the issue


follow the below steps to trouble shoot the problem

  1. try w/o local publish
  2. disable the trigger and check, whether the document is appearing in broker or not
  3. check if there any documents getting queued up in outbound doc store
  4. verify the filter conditions.


Morning Amit & Mallikarjun,

Local publishing is publishing a document within the Integration Server. Only subscribers located on the same Integration Server can receive and process the document. There is no Broker involvement (Integration Server is not configured to connect to a Broker).

Having said above now here are your questions?
1> Where is your trigger and subscribing service?
2> In your publish service what is the input local=true/false
3> webMethods version?
4> Check your IS whether it is connected to broker?
5> Check your trigger document store…?

Let me know your updates on this…

Hi There,
In Local publishing there is no picture of Broker. Kindly make sure you are good with the below points :

  1. Is the document publishable ?
  2. Did you configure the trigger properly with the proper doc ?
  3. What filters did you associate with filter to get the doc which is been arrived to it.
  4. Observe logs once you publish the doc, whether Integration Server is invoking its subscribed trigger.

Let us know the latest updates



Do you have the Broker setup or publishing the document publish service set to local=true?


Hi Amit,

Even I too faced the same problem.

I deleted the publishable document type, removed all references from broker and ignored the usages. Again created a publishable document type with same name,usages are updated and it is working fine now.



Your solution holds good for a broker publish…:slight_smile:

The topic under discussion is local publish where there is no broker involvement.

Hi All,

Whenever we get this issue, we need to restart the server and after that documents start processing.
but after restart, each doc processed multiple times. Is there is any trigger property which does this.


I don’t agree with your point on restarting the IS as a solution to this issue :slight_smile:

If multiple documents are getting processed check the processing mode in trigger properties (it should be concurrent)

Try doing a small POC

1> Make sure your IS is not connected to broker
2> Create a document with some field in it (say msg) and make is publishable
3> Create a subscribing service (use the above document as input) and in your flow editor call debugLog and print the message in the input doc to server log
4> Create a trigger select the doc and subscribing service.
5> Run the publishable document with some input message and publish as local
6> Check the server log for the message you published

I concord with Mahesh…issue sounds related to cluster…check some resolution in that line…until you post server.log cant arrive a decision just with the inputs…if issue is sporadic then consider a big thing hidden from you.

How much time the trigger processing service takes to complete execution? The issue of duplicate is expected when you restart the Broker or IS, wherein unacknowledged documents will be processed again by trigger. To avoid this, you got to set the Exactly once processing - Detect duplicates to ‘true’ and configure Xref in JDBC Pool…