Listing all JDBC adapter services referencing a connection


Is it possible to list all adapter services referncing a JDBC connection?. The requirement is that I need to update the connection node for all adapter service pointing to a particular JDBC connection. Therfore, I searching way to list all the adapter services and updating the connection node for all. WMART package doesn’t have service which suite my requirement. Please let me know if anybody is having idea on this.

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Shriraksha A N

In Developer you can select the connection element and “Find Dependents”

Hi Shriraksha,
Once you have the connection enabled, you can see the connection object being created in Developer/Designer under the provided path. If you look for the Dependents, it will show all the Adapter services that uses the particular connection.

WmART/ service lists all the Adapter services that are available but again that doesn’t show which connection each adapter service deals with.


There is some java service in WmRoot package like getDependants or getReferences, check that in WmRoot folder

Be aware that use of services in WmRoot is not supported.

Thanks for all the replies…

The actual requirement is, I am developing a generic service which takes the connection name as input and it lists all the adapter services referencing that particular connection. Once listing adapter services is done, I need to update the connection node for all adapter services to make it point to new connection. The requirement is to reduce the amount of rework in case of change in connection names or the connection is moved to new package or any other similar scenarios?

Shriraksha A N

I would advise to be cautious about this. If your team finds they are consistently renaming adapter connections or moving them from one package to another, then there is likely something amiss in the development approach/naming conventions.

Devise a connection naming scheme.

Create a package that holds all your connection definitions. Or if there is a natural segregation to the connections that are needed, use multiple packages as appropriate.

Never put a connection in the same package as “code.” Connections should always be isolated.

Never deploy packages containing connections from one environment to another–e.g. dev to test to prod. Instead, use IS Administrator to define the connection manually in each environment.

One might say “Deployer can deploy connections and update URIs, credentials, etc.” That’s true but I’ve found that to be just as much work as simply defining connections directly in the new environment. Doing it by hand reduces the risk of a catastrophe when prod points to QA or vice versa.

The times when a connection really should be moved/renamed should be so rare that a helper tool isn’t really necessary. Make moving/renaming hard so that it is defined properly in the first place. :slight_smile:

All that said, you’ve layed out the steps for what to do. There are services available for each, though as noted above the getDependents service is not documented and not intended for our use so if you run into trouble, SAG support will not help you.