Listening to a service

I’d like to write a simple Java client that listens to webMethods. From Developer, I can generate code to invoke() synchronously, but in my architecture, I want application A to send a record to wM, which processes it, and sends the output to application B. I can do this using the built in client:http service, but can I do it with a simple callback?


What capabilities does application B have to receive data? Can it accept data sent via an HTTP post? If so, that is probably the most straightforward. Is there some reason you do not want to send the data to B using HTTP?

If so, there are other approaches such as publishing messages, writing files to file systems, invoking a public method of a Java class on B via RMI, etc. However, you would not typically have B register a callback to receive the data. (I suppose, you could consider subscribing to a webMethod broker message or JMS message a callback of sorts.




Thanks for that response. I have put together, as you propose, a solution using HTTP, and it works well.

I’d like to learn more about RMI, JMS, and subscribing to a wM broker message, but I cannot find anything on these in the IS Built-In Services Ref Guide, nor in the IS Dev User’s Guide (v.4.6.1). Can you point me to the document where I can read about these?