Listener and Request/Reply connection for the same queue

Hi All,
I have a requirement to send messages from webmethods to a third party using MQ (Request/Reply).For the Happy path this works fine. But when the third party (is down) does not send a response we send a time out error to WM client. Now when the third party comes up and sends the response to the queue, it will lie there unattended. My requirement is to pick such orphan messages and give them to WM. If I try to add another Listener for this same queue I get an error saying that a Request/Reply connection already exists for the same.
Please can anyone guide me for this issue…
Thanks and Regards,
Gauri Ghanekar

Hi Gauri,
The error you are getting is an expected one…

This request is not synchronous, but asynchronous as the reply will be sent later in case if system is down.

In a request/reply scenario, there is a wait time that will be configured. Beyond which, it will be considered as there is no response and the service will end its execution…


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