List of tables in IS Internal of WM 7.1.2

I am writing a script to upgrade our instances (one at a time) from 6.5 to 7.1.2. We have multiple instances that share a single Oracle DB.

The Wm 7.1.2 Upgrade Guide states: “The Integration Server 6.5 Repository Server has been replaced by a set of database tables collectively called IS Internal.”

1- Are the names of those tables listed somewhere?
2- Is there a SQL script that the install process runs to create those tables?
3- Is there a reverse SQL script that deletes those tables?

Until I am finished with the install script, I need to run it multiple times so I need to be able to drop the tables that the WM install process creates.


Look in common/db/scripts/oracle/isinternal under the directory where you installed the webMethods Suite. Go to the latest version and you will find CREATE and DROP scripts there.