Linux Agent Build Error

Good day,

I am trying to install the Cumulocity Linux agent on a Moxa UC-8100 gateway. The gateway does not have an out-of-the-box linux agent but it should be supported by the generic agent as it meets the requirements ( I have installed the C++ Library successfully on the device but i am getting a build error when i ‘make’ the Linux agent, please see attached screenshot. I would like to think i have followed the instructions on the, and can not seem to understand where the source of the error is from. I appreciate the assistance.

Hi Vuyisanani,

can you give a more detailed explanation on which software you installed so far?

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Hi Michael,

I have not installed any software but just the required C++ compilers, curl and lua libraries and thus have managed to compile the Cumulocity C++ libraries onto the device. Building the Linux agent however fails, as it is unable to find a “srutils.h” header file.



so you you built the c++ SDK first? Did you follow the readme in the repo? (

Hi Michael,

Yes i built the C++ SDK first, after some struggles that compiled successfully. I have followed the instruction on the readme as well, to a point where now i have started inspecting the Makefile of the agent. Essentially, while the agent builds, the source file ‘demoagent’ can not resolve the ‘srutils.h’ header file included. This file still sits in the SDK directory, which i have made a path variable as per instruction. I would think then during the build, there would be reference to the $C8Y_LIB_PATH/include for the ‘srutils.h’.

I am not too well versed with Linux but this is what i have deduced to be happening. The image file i posted on the initial question shows the error i get.


This has been solved!