Linking Child Data Dictionaries

I have 2 CDD with 1 CDD pointing to dbid=1 and the other CDD points to dbid=2.

I linked the 2nd data dictionary as a child to the 1st data dictionary which is the parent in this case.

It seems that whenever I issue a select to tables/columns existing in the parent data dictionary (dbid=1), I always see an OP being issued to the child (dbid=2).

Why is it necessary to issue an OP to the child data dictionary when I am ONLY interested in tables/columns existing in dbid=1? WE linked the child because it is necessary by a very tiny piece of the application.

How can I avoid having an OP being issued to dbid=2 when I am only interested in tables/columns existing in dbid=1?

My problem is that dbid=2 is siting in a different mainframe machine than dbid=1 and the inter-region communication is slow.


The default behavior is to establish a connection to all the databases the CDD when you connect from your application. You can change this behavior to dynamically connect to only the databases necessary for the queries by specifying APPLICATION=ONDEMAND in your connection string. Additionally, you have the ability to only connect to a specific set of databases listed in the CDD as well using the APPLICATION= connection string option.


You are SO RIGHT! I have completely forgotten about the APPLICATION option.