Link the process instance

Is there any way to link the process instance?
I don’t want to start an instance if the previous one isn’t completed:confused:
This forum is my last chance :sad:
Thank you.

Process Instances are independent of each other… The ‘n’ number of times you publish a document to broker (for eg), ‘n’ number of instances gets created…

What is the use case behind?


I want to run my modelisation under some business constraints.
for eg : i have 3 step (receive-> treatment ->send)
n instance could not start before the treatment of n-1 instance.

You might have to do a work around to achieve this behaviour, as i dont think there is a direct way to link ‘n’ and ‘n-1’ process instances…

If i assume your process is invoked by broker document, write a logic before publishing to see if all the instances are completed…

Invoke pub.monitor.process.instance:getRecentlyCompleted service to list the recently completed process instances…


You may want to refer process engine guide’s ‘Tracking Process Completion’ topic and see if that helps in your case.

I think it is simpler than that. You should be able to serialize processing of the document though I don’t have the details on how that is done for a process definition. Perhaps on the receive step?

I used pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceList twice
1/ without step ID
2/With step id (step id of my treatment)
then i compare the two result.
thank you