Limiting the display of step summary in Process Instance Detail view

Hello experts,

Do anyone know, is there a way to limit the number of lines displayed in the step summary portlet inside the Process Instance Detail view.
We have a situation, where steps are exceeding the count 2000, and MWS UI takes lot of time to display it. At times the UI just hangs and doesn’t show the page at all.
Would like to know, if there a config with which I can limit the display count. (Similar to the step custom data portlet where pagination is available by default, hence it it shows just 10 lines at a time).

Appreciate your expert opinion on this.

Hi Sumil,

in the MWS UI on the right upper corners of each section you will find a small triangle icon pointing downwards.
In this menu you will usually find an entry “Properties”, where you can configure the number of lines per page (default is usually 20).


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately I don’t see any provision to change the settings in Properties of the portlet.

Attached the screen shot reference