Lifecycle Tab not showing up on Centrasite v8.2 for Virtual REST Service

I am new to REST service and trying to create a new Virtual REST Service on a Centrasite v8.2. After creating the REST Service, the lifecycle tab is not showing up as it shows up when creating a SOAP Service. I am trying to understand if it’s a limitation on the CS v8.2 or is it some configuration that I am missing.

Is there a “tab” or is it just that that the lifecycle state is shown in the upper section of the dialog page?

If you are seeing a lifecycle state for the Service asset and not for the REST asset, check your lifecycle’s scope.

There is a lifecycle tab, I have attached the screenshots of the same test Service and REST service.

while I don’t have an 8.2 installation to look at right now, I’m reasonably sure that is not a built-in tab, but a custom tab that has been added by your installation. You will need to discuss that custom profile with your CentraSite administrator to see if REST services can be brought in scope for that custom profile or if there is some reason they have omitted REST services from the custom profile’s scope.