LDAPAD and Workflow Authentication

We are trying to tie in AD with Workflow . We are stuck at the point where wwe need roles to be defined for all the users for the worflow to work correctly. Have you come across or have you done this integration yourself? Please share your experience with us ,

KS, do you have any documentation to help you with this? I was given a document and sample from webMethods Professional Services on how to use LDAP authentication with Workflow. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. If you are a webMethods customer/partner we can likely get these docs to you.
Please advise…contact me at my Yahoo id: Wayne_Leishman@yahoo.ca



Hi Wayne Leishman,

I need to integrate LDAP(currently using iplanet-LDAP services) to authenticate the users to proceed the further in workflow,
can u pls advise me how to incorporate wM601 with LDAP…if u have relavant documents/sample,pls share with wmusers/u can send to me : bluesea1974@rediffmail.com

Thanks in advance