LDAP Notification

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Is there any way to create a LDAP notification, like JDBC Adapter Notification?
I’d like to create a notification if any user was created, or changed in a LDAP directory, like I can do with JDBC Adapter.

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Hmmm. Interesting question. Does the LDAP spec provide some type of notification or callback method?



Have a look at the NamespaceChangeListener and ObjectChangeListener interfaces.

Assuming your LDAP provider implements the Persistent Search control (Internet-draft draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-03.txt), you should be able to create a java class that adds an ObjectChangeListener to your LDAP server such that you will receive a NamingEventwhen the change you care about occurs. The NamingEvent object will allow you to obtain details about the change that occurred (object insertion, renaming, deletion).

You’d have to do a bit of experimenting to determine whether it would be better to register this listener from an IS java service or to host the class in some other container that would notify IS in some other manner (posting XML message via HTTP, publishing broker message, etc.)

See a couple of examples here and here.



it’s a good way, but isn’t there something alredy done, like JDBC Adapter notification?


I don’t think there is a way to use the JDBC adapter to create a notification of an LDAP event.

what I want to say:
if is there something seemed with the JDBC Adapter Notification, to use with LDAP ?

I discovered exists the Enterprise Adapter: LDAP Edition, that do what I want, it could create notifications when the objects at LDAP are created, changed, deleted, etc.


You should confirm that that adapter is supported on your version of webMethods. Enterprise Edition adapters do not use the 6.x Adapter Runtime. They will quite possibly work, but you would be wise to determine the plans to support that adapter in future releases.

Because of the addition of role-based security in IS 6.5, the LDAP functionality is being improved. Not sure if this means that notification functionality will be included. The release notes for 6.5 may give you the answer.


WM does not plan to release a 6.x version of the Enterprise Adapter - LDAP Edition because most of its functionality has been added into IS 6.5.

However, it appears that the notifications functionality is not included in IS 6.5. It is unclear whether this will be added in a future IS release.


I use WM 6.1, so I will try the first way you told me.
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