Ldap Adapter

I’m having concerns with support for the LDAP Adapter. Currently to use the adapter you must define the connection information within the Configured Operation. In every other Adapter we’re using, this type of information is contained in the Adapter Configuration.

The major problem is that the Integration MUST be changed from the test server to the production server when the integration is migrated from test to production. In effect, we must change the integration then install into production. (ie. running untested code in production).

We consider this very bad practice! I’ve had a log open with support since May. I got a phone message yesterday stating they were not going to address the problem.

Any one else have this type of experience? Have any suggestions on how to proceed?

(One way to get around the problem is to write custom code that gets the properties from Java, and then input the properties in the adapter configuration. But this solution requires a custom step for every integration. yuk!)

Any help would be appreciated!

Best Regards,

Kevin Leonard

You could create a scripted operation under Common Operations, therefore you only have the implementation in one place.