LDAP adapter can't startup ,help me!!!!!

I installed the LDAP adapter as the install guide. Then I found that in Adapter
Configuration Tool->Show all adapters, the ldap adapter is installed but with red ball along it. The introspection failed, indicate that it could not find the class in com.wm… path. ( I am using wm 4.6, where all the adapters kept in com.activesw.adapters…). I create the folder like the error shows and put the class files there. then it is fine . But when I try to start a adapter, it said:

Task: Start adapter process in test mode:
Warning: CreateProcess: C error=3, could not insure that the parameters are valid

Task: Update infosets:
Could not save infosets of document type “AdapterConfig::LdapAdapter”
:COM.activesw.adapter.devkit.AdapterException: Introspection failed.

java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: C error=3

Because of the errors shown above, this adapter process cannot be enabled!
You can only save this entry without enabling it.

what is wrong with that? Thanks in advance!!

Simon Zou


It appears that the adapter is not installed in the place that the Broker is expecting it to be. Uninstall the adapter and remove the folder you created for the class files. If you have other adapter installed you will want to install this adapter in the same directory, for example:


You should also consider using the Adapter Manager and not the older Adapter Configurator tool with this adapter.