LDAP Adapter and Request Operation � how to make this work


One of our customers use webMethods and wants us to keep track of changes in Active Directory, to automatically update other systems. (if a user is removed in Active Directory the user should also be removed in other systems)

The operation template we try to use with the LDAP adapter is the Request Operation

Problem is that it does not seem to work. We make changes in the Active directory
but the integration do not seem to be triggered and no data is fetched.
(Search operation works fine)

I’ve read the documents “Enterprise_Adapter_-LDAP_Edition_Tutorial_v41.pdf"
and "Enterprise_Adapter
-_LDAP_Edition_User_Guide_v44.pdf” but still no go…

Any ideas on this?

Any help appreciated!

Best Regards

Rikard Nilsson


The standard way to do this in LDAP is to use a persistent search control, that’s how the LDAP Adapter works. Persistent search controls are an extention to LDAP, not part of the core standard. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not implement Active Directory with this extension in a standard way and it is not supported by Java/JNDI. Actually, the only LDAP server I’ve ever worked with that supports this control is Netscape/IPlanet/SunONE. If someone knows otherwise, please follow up!

Here’s a link that may be of interest . . .